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Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a voluntary, home-based program offered to pregnant women and families with children birth to kindergarten. Monthly home visits are provided by certified PAT Parent Educators and last approximately one hour. The Parent Educator shares age-appropriate child development and parenting information, helps the parent learn to observe their child and answers parent’s questions.

More About Parents as Teachers (PAT)

• During the years between birth and kindergarten, there are important times when specific kinds of learning...language, sight, basic motor skills...must take place for your child to develop to the fullest. PAT, a parent education and family support organization, can help you capture those windows of opportunity so your child starts school ready to succeed!

• What is it all about?
    • Personal Visits
     - Family Consultants trained in child development share information and
            offer tips for parents to maximize their child's learning experiences.
    • Play Groups
     - Opportunities for families to share their experiences, information, and
            support; a great time for families to participate in parent-child 
            activities and for children to socialize.
    • Screenings
     - Assess overall development, health, hearing, and vision; to detect 
            potential delays early in the child's life.
    • Resource Network
     - Links families to other families and community services.

• Why PAT?
    • A parent is a child's first and most important teacher. 
    • This FREE program is designed to provide parents with information and to 
       help build their child's intellectual, language, social, and physical 
       development from birth to age three. 
    • Each stage in a child's development is important and comes with 
       opportunities for learning. 
    • PAT helps guide parents through those stages and gives them tools for