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Staff Reviews

What employees say about working at Heartland Early Education...

Mandy, Family Consultant Specialist

"I LOVE working at Heartland because I enjoy having a flexible schedule as I meet parent's needs both in the home as a home visitor and as I work with their kiddo's in the classrooms. Heartland feels like home to me and many of my co-workers feel like family."

Sharon, Head Start Teacher

"Working at Heartland is the greatest gift I have received. I have never worked in a setting that invests in and cherishes their employees as Heartland does."

Lisa, Early Head Start Teacher

"I have worked with Heartland Early Education for 16 years, all with infants and toddlers. What stands out to me on this very day  as well as 16 years ago, nothing fills my bucket more than knowing I have had the great privilege of providing a loving and caring, safe classroom for children to grow and learn. There is nothing more powerful than building positive connections with children and families. Most of all a child cannot begin to act differently until they are seen differently! All behavior is a form of communication and teaching children that they have a voice and that they matter no matter what and are accepted and loved for being themselves means the world to me! I definitely could never have done this on my own. I have had great role models to help me grow and learn and wonderful teams over the years.  It definitely takes a village to raise a child. "

Perla, Intake Specialist

"I love the flexibility we have to work with our schedule. With three children, this is very important to me. I enjoy the trainings and the efforts that our director and supervisors make to keep our work environment a great place to work. The importance of trying to keep us healthy with great advice from our dietician is excellent as well."